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Area calculation

When generating custom indexes for soil/vegetation masking, is it possible to calculate the area of the specific spectral range selected?
Image for NDVI layer

Image for selected NDVI range

Image - Zonation with selected NDVI range layer

Zonation feature measures area of the the entire field and not the spectral range processed. I tried all the classes and it utilizes the entire field.



Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, this is not yet possible in Pix4Dfields. I have shared this with the product team so we can consider this for further development of the product. Meanwhile, I would suggest using a free tool like QGIS for this. For example, with this workflow:

  1. Select the range using the advanced layer visualization
  2. Create an index based on the selected range. Follow the instructions here: Soil and plant masking w/ Pix4Dfields
  3. Export the new index and import it to QGIS (Use the data.tif file)
  4. In QGIS. Search in the toolbox the Raster to vector tool: 9.1. Lesson: Raster to Vector Conversion
  5. Open your new vector, and create a new column. Name it ‘Area.’
  6. Use the field calculator to populate the column with the variable $area: Raster Calculator
  7. Use the Basic statistics for fields to get the total area of the field “area” just calculated above.
  8. The units of the area depend on the units of your project. To change them or see which units you used, see: coordinate system - How to Get QGIS to calculate Area in Layer's Units? - Geographic Information Systems Stack Exchange

Let us know if you have any question.

Thank you so much for your reply. I will certainly be trying your recommendation.

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