Are geotags of images updated on the originally imagery after an orthomosaic is created?

If I process images with pix4d mapper into an orthomosaic, is the geotag updated on the individual images so that I can use the images individually too? I am conducting research and my supervisor wants the images georectified and aligned, like pix4d does, but we do not want the images averaged where they overlap. I would like to do all of the alignment, have one beautiful orthomosaic and then use the individual adjusted images on their own for analysis. Is this possible? If so, how?

Hi billie,
Mapper does not overwrite the geotags on the image exif. However, if you go into the 1_initial folder and then open the params folder you will see several .txt files. One of them will be a calibrated_images_position file, and this will be all of the computed positions of each image. Hopefully this information will work for you.

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