Arcs for polylines.

Arcs for polylines. Absolute necessity.
Please and thank you.

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You can use the circle tool (shortcut C on your keyboard) to create arcs:

  • Press C to enable the circle tool
  • Right-click on the circle
  • Select Convert to > Polyline
  • Select the points of the polyline you want to delete and just keep the part of the arc you are interested in.

Let me know if this helps you.

Pressing C and deleting points is more of a work around.

It would be a nice feature to have something like in AutoCAD where you start a 3 point arc while already in the polyline command. The feature addon would greatly improve the turnaround times of most projects when utilizing PIX4DSurvey.


I agree, absolutely need polyline arcs. I like the way Civil 3D does it, you can toggle the polyline between line and arc.

Related, I know how to split a polyline into 2 lines at a vertex. Is there a way to join 2 lines together?

Thank you all for your feedback.
I shared these with our product team.


To join two polylines together, follow this instruction:

  1. Make sure that the two polylines share a vertex
  2. Use the Simple selection tool to select the first polyline.
  3. Hold Shift and select the second polyline.
  4. Right-click on the shared vertex and click Join polylines.


Any update on polyline arcs getting added?


It is still under evaluation. The more votes we get, the more likely the feature will be considered.
If you know other users who are also interested in this feature, please share this link for them to vote as well.

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