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Agisoft vs Pix4D in orthomosaic quality with sequoia at 40 m height photos

When processing a flight at 40 m in height with the sequoia camera with pix4d does not achieve a quality orthomosaic, while with Agisoft PhotoScan it is possible to construct a orthomosaic with good texture. Why with pix4d I do not get better results with the same photos?

Hi Luis,

To answer your question we would need more insights of your project. Could you please seen us the quality report and the log file via our request form? Additionally some screenshots of both orthomosaics would help us to compare the results. 


hi luis, i also have problem by using ebee drone with around 7 cm GSD. it looks like p4d result is a bit blurry rather than photoscan. then p4d support told me to fly higher for achieving at least 10 cm GSD. hope their r n d team could fix this problem soon. because in my thought, if other program can provide good result, so p4d also can achieve.