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advice about BIM

HI to all,
I’m Scott a steel Contracts Manager in the UK construction Industry.I looking to make a career change into the UAV survey to BIM for my field within my Industry.
Would be much appreciated if anyone could help me with a few questions i have.
I have built up a good network of most professionals/Trades/Suppliers/Logistics and Contractors over my 20+ yrs in UK construction industry.
I looking to utilise this as well as my own experience from 9 yrs service in the Royal Engineers.And everything after up to the present.
I looking to offer UAV Survey/Mapping with BIM for Steel Construction projects.With this in mind and after some research i still find so many options and possible products/software/certification offered and required, I’m confused of what or how i need to enable me.
So is there industry recognised package that includes UAV/Software/Accessories that is reliable and is safe for future development.
What certification training ie CAA PFCO course suppliers have good reputation in the UK?
Also set up and ongoing costs for maintenance IT support. And any thing else i have overlooked or need.
I may be asking for the impossible or impractical,
It started as one of many Idea’s for career change with a challenge about 2 yrs ago and now i hope it could be the way forward for me…

Hope to get some feedback and info from this community…