Adding XMP Data to images for use in Pix4D Mapper

I have non-DJI aerial images but have GPS and Roll(X) Pitch(Y) Yaw(Z) Omega Phi Kappa . I can read and add EXIF and XMP Data to my aerial images using Python3 and pyexiv2. What tags should I add to get the full benefit of the NON-DJI GPS data that I have. When I open and read the DJI image, I see the tags Xmp.drone-dji.GpsLatitude, Xmp.drone-dji.GimbalYawDegree as well as many more. Do the tags need specific text for the software to use it? Example “Xmp.mydrone.GimbalYawDegree” will be found and used.

Thank You

Hello @chutchinson, You can find the list of all the stages and formats required for the PIX4D software to read that information.