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Absolute Camera position: Uncertainty computation failed.


I processed the Initial Processing without GCP first. Then i added the GCP and marked them from images. Operated Initial Processing again. 

I checked the quality report, the “Absolute camera position and orientation uncertainties” section displayed “Uncertainty computation failed”. It was successfully produced without GCP but once GCP were added, this section was fail. Even i tried another new file, it remained the same result. 

I wonder why it would fail and how to fix this problem. 

*Before adding GCP

*After adding GCP


Hi Katherine, 

The uncertainty computations are exclusively used for the quality report. They are computed after the calibration step (1. Initial Processing), and have no influence on the quality of the outputs.

The uncertainties are computed in order to provide an estimate of the quality of the reconstruction in different regions of the project. However, if GCPs were used and if they all have a small error, the quality of the reconstruction should be good. 

Maybe something to try would be to use “Process > Reoptimize” instead of recomputing the entire step 1. Initial Processing after the GCPs were added.