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About the elevation after removing vegetation ?

In some case, we need the ground terrain contour without vegetation effect.

Therefore, We firstly remove the point clouds of the high vegetation area and hope to get the ground contour for that area using interpolation calculations.

However, the operation of Pix4D’s contour generator seems not to use interpolation method with considerations of the surrounding terrain, but to set the lowest elevation of the project as the ground terrain for the high vegetation area, whose point clouds has been removed.

We would like to ask for your suggestion on the problem of Pix4D’s default setting as abovementioned. Is it possible to generate the ground contour for certain regions using interpolation method?



Hi Lung,

It is possible to define surfaces in the projects that are later on used to fill the empty areas when generating the DSM and triangle mesh. This will also have a direct influence on the contour lines.

I would recommend checking the How to draw a Surface in the rayCloud for more information.

As a side note, after drawing the surfaces, make sure to enable the “Use for DSM and Triangle Mesh” option:


It works fine. Thanks!