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About the base map and the inform

Hi, I’m new at using your software and i have notice that the base map imagery is not actualized in my area (Lima, Peru), which is why i had to use another base map. However, then I realized that I couldn’t use that base map for the pdf inform of my projects. I think it’d be great if I could use actual imagery in my informs even if they’re not from the default base map. Maybe an option could be use the orthomosaic itself as a base image for the vegetation index layers in the inform.


Dear elanda,

thank you very much for your input. Right now its true that custom base maps are not used in the pdf report. We will look into it for future releases.

If you want to use your own orthomosaics as basemap you can find intructions here: How to add a basemap in Pix4Dfields – Support