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3D hike - Geology model by Jon Ellinger - TLT Photography

Hi everyone,

Are you ready for an outdoor adventure? Let’s go for a 3D hike!
Today, our spotlight brings us to Eastern Oregon, in the Pacific Northwest.

Sketchfab link

This is the story behind this model:

“I captured this eroding rock outcrop in Eastern Oregon on a recent outdoor adventure. The geology was so impressive in person that I wanted to capture it in 3D to share interactively with family and friends.  I only wish I had captured someone or something in the model to show the scale.  Just over 200 photos were captured with a DJI Mavic Pro during a quick 15 minute nadir grid-pattern flight.   

For processing I simply input the imagery into Pix4D desktop in the 3D Model template and let it run for a few hours to create the point cloud.  Because I had captured some sky behind some of the imagery I took some time to clean up the point cloud, removing the light colored pixels of the sky and then processed a 3D mesh which I easily uploaded to Sketchfab to share.

As a professional photogrammetrist I have used a wide variety of software suites throughout my career.  For my business I choose to use Pix4Dmapper as it is the only cost-effective software for my small business that produces sub-cm resolution mosaics, achieves the highest absolute accuracy standards, easily works with local coordinate systems for construction sites, and has superior customer support for my more challenging projects.”

Jon Ellinger , owner of TLT Photography

Jon is a Certified Photogrammetrist and Mapping Scientist in Remote Sensing. Jon has 10 years of experience in the geospatial industry working with aerial data from planes, helicopters and UAV.  TLT Photography, LLC is a Portland, Oregon based company that specializes in  professional, cost-effective, survey-grade aerial mapping, inspections, and 3D modeling with aerial UAV imagery.  Jon has performed work for a diverse range of clients in sectors such as Transportation, Environmental & Resource Management, AEC Industry, Government, and Energy Utilities.  

Enjoy the 3D hike and feel free to share your comments and your own projects.

Pix4D team


Wow! So great, I used to hike around these bluffs when I was younger. Very impressive for a Mavic!