Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360

As anyone ever tried the Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 in a projet? Is it in the camara database?

If so, how did that go? What the best parameters for that camera?

Dear Jorge,

Unfortunately, Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360 is not supported in our database at the moment. However, the good news is that for spherical cameras, focal length and distortion values for the camera model are not required, so you should be able to use them with the software even if the models are not in our database. The necessary information should be stored in the EXIF tags of the images.

You can verify if a camera is supported in our database by searching in the icmdb.xml file as described here.

Note that, for spherical cameras, Pix4Dmapper only supports the equirectangular image format. Learn more in What is the equirectangular Image format?

Xiaomi Mi Sphere 360  itself records a dual spherical video – that’s a video containing two images next to each other. You need to convert this type of video into a equirectangular video.
You can convert your video from Double Spherical Video to Equirectangular Video using Mi Sphere App (iOS and Android).

I hope other users can share their experience using such cameras with you!

Ok thanks for the answer. I will buy the camera for one projet and I will try to use it in Pix4D Mapper. I will then post my results.
Hope that I will share it soon

For all 360 cameras I recommend Mistika VR for stitching to obtain the equirectangular output - photos or video. This software is a challenge to learn but you can get precision that is not available with the included mobile stitching. Note it will also stitch RAW files from most, if not all, 360 cameras. 

There is also a freeware product for MacOS called “MADVPictureStitch_OSX” that you can google to find. Using Terminal you can batch convert Mi Sphere double-bubble raw images. Convenient but no fine tuning like Mistika.