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Spherical camera Gear 360 Samsung not supported

I have the camera gear 360 from samsung and wanted to perform the processing, but from what I researched there is still no support for it. Is there any forecast of how long it will be supported?

Hi Michel, 

If the output is in equirectangular format the software should be able to read the images. However, the feedback we received from users so far does not seem to show good results with the camera. I think that one reason for that is that the quality of the image in an equirectangular format depends on how well the transformation is made from the original images into this new format, and this is dependent on each manufacturer. 

Another point to check is if there is enough overlap between the images. If the images are too far apart, there can be issues. Finding the optimal image acquisition path may require some trial and error, but is probably best to get familiar with the software. 

More about how to process spherical images:

and about the equirectangular format:

Here is an example dataset taken with a spherical camera: