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Worse reconstruction of vegetation and narrow objects in new Pix4Dmapper (4.5.6)?

we’ve noticed in several projects that since upgrading Pix4Dmapper to 4.5.6 the reconstruction of vegetation and narrow objects such as masts and powerlines seems to be less good. The new version seems to ignore those objects much more (i.e. less or none automatic tie points). Are there any settings get the results from previous versions?

I’m well aware that photogrammetry isn’t good for vegetation but the results seem to have been better before.

Hi @Philipp_Mielke1 :slight_smile:

Could you tell me which versions are you comparing to? Did you run a test with the same dataset on both versions applying the same processing options? If yes, could you please upload here the Quality Reports so we can analyse them? Without a substantive analysis, we will not be able to draw accurate conclusions.

Thank you in advance!