which Pix4D product?

Too many products and information. Im having difficulties in choose the right product for me. Please to those experienced help me here. Im running a small inspection company doing home (facade, roof, interior) inspection. I`d like to be able to create the 3D model, inspect and report the findings. What product do I need for that? Does Cloud does everything? Do I need, catch, mapper, inspection everything, so I can do that?

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Thank you for showing interest in our products! I recommend you contact our Sales representatives in the following and consult with them your use case. They will be happy to help you and advise you to select the product that best suits your case. See link HERE

I also recommend looking at the following documentation:

I hope this information helps you to have a better idea about the scope of our products.

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Hi, I’m a new PIX4D user, I’m using it for my thesis studies. I made a flight plan with my Mavic Pro 2, I want to make a mosaic and get some maps (vegetation coverage mostly). NB : My images cover exclusively a swamp and I’m only interested in vegetation.
If anyone knows anything about this and would be willing to guide me, I would be grateful.


For vegetation analysis, we recommend PIX4Dfields Download PIX4Dfields

We have some tutorial videos here: PIX4Dfields Beginner Tutorials - YouTube

je vous en suis très reconnaissant. Si cela est possible, pourriez-vous être mon mentor pour ces étapes?
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Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have technical questions with a support ticket. You can also book a personal consultation at the following link: Personal consultation

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