Getting started using a DJI Mavic Pro 2 to map mangroves.

We’re Suncoast Waterkeeper and want to map mangroves to protect them. New to mapping and need some help getting started. I have some drone experience but have never mapped. Our ED did a seminar on Pix4D at a National Waterkeeper Conference in Washington recently but has no drone experience. Will this platform work with our Mavic Pro 2 drone? We have a Smart Controller.

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Sounds like a very interesting project! Welcome to Pix4D Community!

In order to fly the drone, you can use PIX4Dcapture for capturing the images. Afterward, you can use PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dfields to reconstruct the 3D map/model.

PIX4Dmapper software can process images captured by any UAV and any camera, compact, DSLR, large frame, and perspective or fisheye lens. It is recommended to have at least 12 Mpixel of resolution images in order to process in PIX4Dmapper in order to extract enough keypoints to be matched between images.

Another important point to consider is the number of images and image overlap.

Feel free to take a look at this article to get started. Image acquisition

I am assuming the area of interest has many mangroves, which is considered a dense vegetation area, we recommend the following

  • Process with 1/2 Keypoints Image Scale: This processing option can lead to a higher number of calibrated images in case the default option (original keypoint image scale) does not calibrate all the images. For more information: Menu Process > Processing Options… > 1. Initial Processing > General.
  • Increase the overlap between the images to at least 85% frontal overlap and 70% side overlap.
  • Increase the flight altitude: When flying higher, the images suffer less from perspective distortions and it is easier to detect visual similarities between overlapping images in vegetation areas.

For further information feel free to take a look at How to improve the outputs of dense vegetation areas using PIX4Dmapper?

If you are interested, we also have PIX4Dfields specializes in mapping areas with dense vegetation.
Click here for a PIX4Dfields 15-Day Free Trial

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Thank you so much for this. I’m copying our Executive Director Abbey Tyrna who is working with me on this project. She can explain what we’re trying to accomplish and may have some additional questions…

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Rusty Chinnis
Chair: Suncoast Waterkeeper


After finally getting the APP on my Smart Controller I get the message “Cannot connect to server” The Controller is connected to the internet. Could you please help me with this?

Thank You

Rusty Chinnis
Chairman: Suncoast Waterkeeper

Hello @chairman, The PIX4Dcapture doesn’t support the DJI Smart controller. For more information visit,