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Which algorithm be used to create DTM from DSM in Pix4D?

 Pls provide algorithm be used to create DTM from DSM in Pix4D.

Hello Dai,

The algorithm used for the DTM generation receives as input the DSM. On the first step, it detects what will be considered as terrain and what will be considered as objects and needs to be filtered out. For this process, the continuity of the surfaces detected in the DSM is important. For example, a tree is initially detected as an object that will be smoothed out when the iteration smoothing step comes. After this, there will be a smoothing operation, while trying to maintain the original data.
It is an iterative algorithm, so it is unfortunately difficult to give more details than this. 


Dear Pix4D Support,

Actually your answer has not made me happy. Please let me know which iterative algorithm be used for the DTM generation from DSM.  For example, what mathematical formulas are used to filter the DSM into DTM. If possible, please provide me all the scientific articles referring to this issue.

Kind regards,


Hi Dai,

You can take a look at the following paper: about the generation of the DTM. Our algorithm was based on this paper. Unfortunately we cannot provide more detailed information regarding the implementation of the algorithm in the software.

We hope that you will find all the information you need in this paper.


Hi Pix4D Supporter,

That’s great. Thank you for your support. This paper is very attractive to me. That’s what I need to study.

Kind regards,