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What Altitude Data Does Pix4D Use from DJI Phantom Drones? GPS or Barometric?

There’s been some confusion in the past as to how the DJI Phantom 4 (Pro in my case) is storing the altitude data. I’ve seen it used to be GPS then DJI switched to barometric then there were supposedly two fields in the EXIF data one for GPS and one non-GPS and it was storing barometric in both fields. However in Windows when I examine the EXIF data I just see the GPS Altitude - not to say the barometric isn’t stored somewhere else viewable by a more robust EXIF viewer.

My question is, which does DroneDeploy use during processing?

Hi Jeff,

“My question is, which does DroneDeploy use during processing?”

Not sure if somebody of the Pix4D support can answer you which altitude information DroneDeploy uses.

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