Vignetting and Dark Current Correction.


I am using Parrot Sequoia (Firmware v1.2.1). for computing NDVI. I am trying to understand the process through which the final images are acquired from the sensor.  Specifically, I want to know whether Sequoia compensates for Vignettingand Dark Current effects inside the firmware or do these corrections have to be applied manually in the software?


If they have to be corrected manually, then:

  • How can we utilize the captured images’ EXIF information to correct vignetting?
  • Does the exif tag BlackCurrent  correspond to the dark current suppression? How can we use it to correct the dark current effect?

Hi guys, I am also having the exact same issue. Somebody please reply.


The vignetting and black current corrections are not applied directly on the images. The necessary information is stored in the exif metadata, and the corrections are applied during the computation of the reflectance maps in Pix4D software. These corrections do not need to be corrected manually (it is recommended to leave the software do it). 

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