Vertical heights not converting from meters to feet

I am currently working on a 3D mapping project using data that I flew with a Phantom 4 RTK. Upon starting the project, I upload the pictures like normal. I then change my coordinate system and switch from meters to feet. What I noticed when I changed my units is that the x and y coordinates convert to feet, but the z value remains in meters even though it labels it as US Survey Foot. I noticed this issue when I processed a project, added GCPs recorded in the field with a GPS, and saw that the z values were off by the approximate conversion to meters. Is there a way to easily fix these values without having to manually convert over 1000+ z values?

Hi @pix4d29,

May I ask if you have tried changing the units in both windows (GCP/MTP Manager and Output Coordinate System)? Can you send me screenshots after changing the units?

Could you also share with as the quality report and log file of the project?