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user reference points

Dear Pix4D team,
Could you issue Pix4DCapture update in order to let me solve following issue: often I need to do map (orthomosaic) of accident area. Accident often happens in open field or forest area. The main problem is that when I planning missions by Pix4DCapture and satellites images – there is no reference at all (because accident happens after satellites images were made).
My suggestion: I can fly my drone in free flight mission and I can manually mark borders of my interest area by creating user points on map. After this is done – this user points later would be great reference for Grid or DoubleGrid missions.
Attached illustration of this suggestion.
So I ask you to:

  • add a list of user points that can be displayed on map
  • let the user to input new points by specifying LAT/LON manually or by pressing some buttons in Free Flight Mission (current Drone position as input).
  • To delete all user points

illustration of this suggestion:


Hello Alexander,

Thank you for your interesting feedback. I will share them with the developer’s team and the Product Owner.