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US Survey Foot

Why is the no US foot selection for the units?


Per what I have seen, it seems that when you go arbitrary and pick foot, its international foot.  It would be nice to have a US Survey foot option.


Besides reducing the coordinates after the fact, does anyone know of how to set this to US survey foot…  I am not using a published coordinate system.


Thank you

Hi Nick,

Currently, when you work with an arbitrary system, you can only select international foot or meter from the drop-down list. I will pass your idea about the US Survey foot option to our Product Development Team. 

When working with a known coordinate system, we will use the units of this system (international or us survey foot).

You could create a prj file that defines your system and the units and then import it to Pix4Dmapper: prj.

Have a nice day,



Any update on this from the Product Development Team?  This would be an extremely helpful option for those of us leveraging site specific coordinate systems in US.  It is quite a headache not having US Foot as an option.


Hi Michael,

You can find the answer under your another post US Foot unit option for Arbitrary Coordinate System on the community.

Thank you once again for your feedback.