Trouble with custom Index TCARI/OSAVI

Hi everybody, hope someone can help me!
I’ve imported images .tiff from captured with Parrot Sequoia. Then, I tried to calculate TCARI/OSAVI index but the preview on the orthomosaic is trasparent and also the index after processing. I try to calculatre TCARI and OSAVI separately and it works. I checked the formula several times but I can’t understand why it doesn’t work…
If you have some suggestion pls answer the topic or also if you know other index I can use to detect chlorosis.
THX :slight_smile:


For indexes like TCARI/OSAVI the reflectance values of each band must range within 0 to 1 and that is possible only when you use reflectance targets. If you are not using targets, I would recommend calculating only the indices that do not have this criteria, like NDVI, NDVIRedEdge, GreenNDVI etc.
Values were correct when processed separately? did you use a panel?
Is this Chlorosis you want to detect in a crop that shows much soil? That’s why you are using TCARI/OSAVI?