RE: NDVI with Sequoia camera

Thank you for your answer. I will use a Sequoia+ camera, Green band average wavelength 550 nm, Full Width Half Maximum 40 nm. I don’t understand how to calculate the index with the formula (R531-R570)/(R531+570) with the Index Calculator . What is the procedure to follow?

Thank you

You will not be able to do it then, you need those specific bandwidths to estimate the index.
Basically, you need another camera which I don’t know what could it be, or if there is any in the market…


Hi, Load point cloud (Failed!) after start processing 3. DSM, Orthomosaic and index. Where the problem may come from?
report.xml (32.0 KB)

Screenshot 2022-10-18 191107
Screenshot 2022-10-18 191129

Could be related to many things, could you share the quality report?

report.xml (32.0 KB)
Quality Report.pdf (271.5 KB)

Quality ReportA3.pdf (300.7 KB)

The PDF quality reports are not arriving complete but the overall parameters look fine.
The only thing I see is that overlap seems low. How was the side and front overlap?

Could you try uploading the Quality report PDF again?
Also share the project log file (text file): …\project_name\project_name.log

The overlap was lateral 65 %, longitudinal 85 %.
Sorry, I can’t properly export a PDF of the report. (2.8 MB) (2.5 MB) (3.3 MB)
Quality ReportA3.pdf (301.1 KB)


Thanks for sharing, I would say then that Step 3 fails due to low overlap. The Minimum recommended for this case is 75%/80% side and front.
Take also into account that the high hills will have less overlap so will be complicated to stitch.

I try uploading the Quality report PDF again

2022-10-05_751_Balisa_p05_msp_AllImagesPart2_report.pdf (1.3 MB)

My drone is not operational at the moment. I am therefore not able to increase the overlap. What can I try to correct this error?

The first part (Part1) of the project has a comparable terrain and flight plan and Step 3 was not a problem.