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Triangulate Errors

Can anyone shed some light on these errors, cause, effect and fix.



[UI]: GCP/MTP Manager clicked.
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 22.0378(23.5035)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 60.005(63.415)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 81.2687(85.7866)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 92.7276(97.8572)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 94.0634(99.2656)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 94.6221(99.8652)
[Warning]: Triangulate 102 error: 94.6221(99.8652)

bump.  I have been getting these warnings for the last several releases.

Hello Derek and Tom,

This warning is usually associated with an error in the marking of the points that results in large reprojection error. Is the 102 point a GCP or an MTP?

In such cases we recommend checking the reconstruction of the model and the accuracy of the project. Did you check the Quality Report?
For more information about how to assess the reconstruction based on the information provided in the Quality Report you can take a look at the following article:


If I add MTP’s do I need to re-match & re-optimize or will reprocessing Step 3 take those MTP’s into account?  Does that triangulation warning come up if I do step 3 again without running a re-match & re-optimize?

Hello Tom,

After you add MTPs in a project you should always reoptimize in order these points to be taken into account for the reconstruction. When you reoptimize all the results of steps 2 and 3 get lost. Thus, steps 2 and 3 need to be reprocessed.

Do you get the triangulation warning during step 3? If so, could you please submit a support request attaching the log file and the Quality Report of the project?


I have run step 1 of my project and the ray cloud has created some layering in sections.  I am adding MTP help fix the error and I am getting the triangulation error.  I know I am matching the same feature.  Should I ignore the warning?   

Hello Andrew and all,

When the Triangulate error is coming as a Warning you should always check if there are large GCP errors and the overall reconstruction of the project. However, it might be possible that everything is fine.

To better understand if there is a problem, I would like to ask you to send us the quality report and log file of the next project that you are getting this warning.


Hello Andrew and all,

When you are getting the Triangulate warning you should always check the GCPs errors and the overall reconstruction of your project. In some cases it could be an indication of an accuracy issue.

To better understand when the warning appears, I would like to ask you to send us the quality report and log file of the next project you are getting this warning. You can share a link with your files here.


I can’t recall which project I was receiving the errors on.  I do know our GCP’s were tied in with RTK GPS and the report RMS was good.  Would the accuracy issue be with the GCPs or the the georeference photo tags on the images?

Would be nice Andrew if you had the log and report to further this solution. Thanks for the feedback!