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Trees details

Hello guys, I’m new to Pix4d and also to photogrammetry.

I’m trying to create a model using 111 phantom 3 pictures at 50 meters (nadir). I’ve created without GCP but my next step is to input them. Even so I was very happy with the model results.

But I’m getting some tree details problems. I choose the default parameters in my first run then changed to the higher parameters in the second run and the tree canopy are not getting better.

See model: 

At same time I’ve tried to model with Autodesk Recap and the results are different. I can’t tell with software got the best results (I didn’t compare the DSM) but the trees details seem more elaborated.

See model:  

What can I do to improve the model resolution?

Thanks a lot,

Diego Álvares

From what I know of also attempting to incorporate trees, there is not really a good way to do it. Trees have a great deal of irregularity in the position of the branches and leaves, but the leaves and branches look to be the same shape and color from a great distance away. The way that we got the best resolution was to fly close to the trees (<3 meters) and to have a large overlap between the images (90% or so). It was also a sunny day with no wind, so that was very much in our favor.