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Time needed for answer (technical questions)

How much time do you need to give an answer at a technical question? Sometimes time is very important because we have to operate in the next hours and is important to have an answer before.

Last but not least: we pay 650€/year for this type of service, isn’t it?

Best regards.

P.S.: IMPORTANT! I know that official service is furnished in english language, but sometime some questions are difficult to tell in this language, so I would like to have the possibility to write questions and receive answers in italian language, due to I’m an italian engineer. 

Hi Antonio, 

Good question! The time required to give an answer to a technical question depends on many variables. Here are a few factors that can have an impact on the reply time:

  • the technical difficulty of the question, e.g. is it a basic question, a bug that needs to be investigated with the developers, a project that requires us to process images,…
  • the available information provided by the user, i.e. do we have enough information to understand and solve the issue or do we need to ask for more,
  • the general load on support, i.e. how many requests do we receive at the moment,
  • is the question duplicated on different channels (e.g. community, request form,…), this can take time from several agents to reply the same question, 
  • and also the business hours of support (from 8AM to 5PM (CET+1)). 

At the moment we target a first reply time within one business day, in a few cases it can take longer because of the variables described above, but we really try to minimize that.

The price of this service depends on the license you have purchased. For more information, feel free to check our store:

Unfortunately, we do not have an Italian speaking support agent at the moment, so we will reply in English. However, you can write us in Italian if you prefer. We can use translation services such as DeepL ( to understand what you write. I can recommend this service if you have difficulties understanding our replies in English. 

Let me know if you have additional questions on how support works. 
Thank you for your interest. 

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Thanks for you answer: for your reference I own a “perpetual” license of Pix4Dmapper Pro and on June 20th 2017 I subscribed a subscription to Support & Upgrade for one year, so I think to have all rights to receive a fast assistance.


At the moment a question about Pix4D Capture is pending.

When I check the mission before start: “drone close to mission” sometimes doesn’t appear in green and also “Homespoint set” does the same. How can I solve these issues?


You do have a valid support & upgrade and you will receive support in due time. Your request was received this morning at 7:16am. Please refer to my previous answer regarding the expected response time, the business hours (8am to 5pm) and the duplication of questions through different channels. Please do not duplicate your questions, if you do duplicate your questions, please create a separate post for them. This helps organize the information and makes it easier to answer to. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

Ok, but on saturday I’m going to operate a mission: don’t forget this!

Best regards.