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How responsive is pix4d to support requests?

Hi there. I’m currently trying to evaluate pix4d, and feel like it has the best interface of strongest processing engine of the three options I’ve tried - Pix4d, Agisoft, and Autodesk Recap. I wasn’t able to dig in to the evaluation as much as I needed to in the 14-day window and have been trying to get the license extended. The “extend trial” link from the software didn’t work. I emailed sales over a week ago and never got a response. I used the contact/support page on the website yesterday and there’s no indication they even received my request. Calling their US number just redirects any sales or support requests back to the website.

I’m a little concerned that if it’s this hard to even talk to sales, that getting support when I need it will be impossible. So I’m really interested in what your experience is. When things don’t go right, what kind of help are you able to get? Do you have to rely more on these forums? Is support able to respond quickly and give you the help you need? And does anyone know any humans I can talk to to continue my trial?

Thanks for any insights you can offer.

Hi there. Welcome to the Pix4D Community! Pix4D in my (arguably biased but honest) opinion has the best support system in the industry. We deploy a significant portion of our resources to develop a comprehensive knowledge base to help our users become proficient in the software. We also work to make the community a place where Pix4D employees and users can share knowledge and expertise to help grow our collective abilities. In cases where those two resources arent enough to solve a problem we have a team of dedicated support engineers who can help via our ticketing system. We generally try to respond to any request within 24 hours but often it is much faster than that.

I hope this helps answer your question.

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