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terrestrial photogrametry

Dear Pix4d, 

I am trying to process terrestrial pictures from a glacier and I have trouble knowing which option should I use to do so. 

What is the difference between areal grid and free flight/terrestrial? Because it doesn’t seems to make any difference to my result. 

Also I have a lot of noise, of points which are really not in the right place. Is there a way to get rid of those point on pix4d?

Best regards

Hi Adeline, 

Aerial grid Vs free flight/terrestrial

For terrestrial pictures I would generally recommend the “3D Models” processing options template, which would have the “free flight/terrestrial” option for the matching strategy in step 1. Initial Processing. You can see the difference between “aerial grid” and “free flight/terrestrial” in the options overlined in yellow below if you switch between one and the other: 

Basically, aerial grid is relying more on the assumption that the flight plan is regular and in a grid shape and the other not.

Remove points

There are few ways to remove points in a model: 

I think the easiest would be if you share the quality report with us as well as some screenshots from your rayCloud view. This will enable us to give you more specific advice.