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Surface Feature Classification Vegetation

Is it possible to somehow automatically (or if necessary manually) classify surface features (trees, shrubs/other vegetation, bare ground) and can it be done with RGB imagery or do I need to use a multispectral camera?  The end game is to be able to do mapping of surface features (2D) in a GIS program.  I know you could import a GeoTIFF and manually identify and draft the boundaries of various surface features but wondering if there is a workflow (data acquisition and/or processing) that may speed things up and reduce the manual work required?


Hi Jeff,

Pix4D does offer point cloud classification and uses the classes of Ground, Road Surface, High Vegetation, Building and Human Made Object.  You can also add you own classes, but it won’t automatically populated the custom class.  (How to generate the point cloud classification).  You can then use the Point Cloud editing tool to refine the classification

I hope this helps,