Strange Patterns and Gaps in Processed images

I’ve been seeing some strange results on the outer edges of the processed images, . I’m also experiencing a high number of images that are not calibrated.  It seems it improves when taken from a higher altitude but I would like to be able to collect images at lower altitudes and have quality processed imagery.


Hey Michael,

It is always difficult to calibrate the images of vegetation, water and snow since all the images look similar. However if you try 0.5 image scale and Alternative calibration method you may get more images calibrated. 

Thanks Selim. I did try the alternative calibration method and changed the scale. I still get the same weird curved patterns, although I was able to improve number of images calibrated. You mentioned that images of vegetation, water and snow are difficult to calibrate. I am collecting images in Alaska for hydrology related analysis so the majority of the images that will be collected will fall under one if not more of those three categories. Would higher percentage of overlap and/or slower UAS speed help? Are there any other steps I could take to improve the quality of the orthomosaics?

Hey Michael,

Higher overlap and higher flight altitude should help you to get more images calibrated. Moreover increasing the quality of your dense cloud would impact the DSM and the orthomosaic generation, since your orthomosaic is generated from a DSM. If you end up  with an accurate DSM your orthomosaic will most likely be accurate as well. You could also try using the Mosaic Editor for fixing the artifacts however that is a time consuming step therefore I would only do it if you have few problematic spots to fix .