Stockpile and stand counts

Can you create a stockpile or do stand counts with Pix4Dfields?

PIX4Dfields can not do Standcounts currently. But we are activly collecting datasets to provide this feature in the future, fell free to share some if you have!

For stockpiles you have many Option at PIX4D, you could for example process your dataset with the accurate pipeline in PIX4Dfields and uplaod the rsulting DSM via the Share to the PIX4Dcloud where you can do Volume calculations on it. Or you process your data with the PIX4Dcloud or PIX4Dmatic to do even more accurate volumne calculations, but this comes with an additional cost.

Hi Julius,
Has stand count been added yet?
This is crucial to my operation. I REALLY do not want to own a subscription to Drone Deploy just for stand counts.
Thank you for your help.
We currently fly the T40, M3E and M3M

Hi Bronson,
Unfortunately not. We are planning to add the feature next year, but we didn’t fix yet a date.
Thanks for your understanding!
Pix4Dfields Support

Any idea on stand count date yet?
Also do you know what drones will be supported to do stand counts with.
I am currently flying a DJI Mavic 3 M and i am wanting to purchase another drone so knowing what drones will be supported would be a help.
Would be nice to know something before the end of the year.

This will be a project we start working on next year, so it will not be ready to use for next season.

We will for sure aim to make it work with Mavic 3 M data, as this is a very popilar drone.

In general for such usecases, you should look for high resolution RGB cameras, there are some great payloads recently released like:

Those are obviously more on the high-end site (and just examples,there are more), but it would be the right tool if you want to get serious.