Shape of flight area and camera requirement...

Does Pix4D have any plans to change the app so we can have odd shaped flight areas like DroneDeploy offers in their app? I have a lot of weird shaped fields. One of them is a triangle. Yes, I could make multiple missions in a project. But it still won’t be shaped perfectly and I’d still be wasting flight time in areas.

Also, I fly a matrice 100 with a parrot sequoia camera. But, I’m unable to use Pix4Dcapture unless I have the DJI camera attached. Is there anyway to bypass it so I can run the capture software without the DJI camera?

Hi James,

Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

It is in our pipeline to allow polygonal flights with the app.

As the for the Sequoia with Matrice 100, we have not tested on our side but we will be more than glad to receive your feedback if you give it a try. Please note that there could be a connection problem between the camera and the drone, this might break the signal that the app sends to the drone to trigger the camera. The drone will follow the flight plan defined in the app but you will probably need a time-lapse to activate the shutter of the camera


The Sequoia will never be able to communicate directly with the Matrice 100. So yes, I do have the sequoia set to take photos with time-lapse. The only issue is that when I try to connect to the drone with the Pix4Dcapture app, the CTRL+DJI app keeps crashing until I connect a DJI camera to the drone. The app seems to not like it if it can’t connect to a camera.

Hi James,

How did you power the Sequoia from the Matrice 100??

Really curious to know how you managed that!


I powered the sequoia on the Matrice 100 through one of the XT30 power plugs on the drone and went through a UBEC to change the output. Here is a link to the UBEC I used.

Thanks for the info!

Do you use a gimbal?

Yep. I use a Feiyu Tech Mini 3D Pro. One issue I ran into is that you can’t control the gimbal with the Matrice. But, the gimbal does automatically stay level when powered up. On the top left of the photo is the original bracket for holding the gopro/sequoia. The top right is the custom bracket I had fabricated so it changes the mounting direction. And then in the bottom photo you can see it is automatically pointing down. I’m still working on it a little bit. But, things seem to be working pretty good so far.



I’m Ronald from Martinique

I need quickly contact you > James Davie   , for your custom bracket for hold sensor on your Feiyu Tech Mini 3D Pro.

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Thank you James for sharing your experience!

If you do want to give your email addresses on the forum we can help to connect you.
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