Select poline to generate profile view


I have 2 ideas to improve the generation of terrain profiles.

The location of the profile run through the point cloud is usually determined by the developer/contractor. It is rarely up to the surveyors to decide where to make the profile.

The first idea would be to indicate a line (e.g. in DXF) that has been previously imported into the program and generate the terrain profile relative to it. That is, next to the ‘Draw profile’ button, an option could be added to select ‘select polyline’.

The best option would be to indicate the road axis as a polyline and automatically generate further polylines perpendicular to the axis at a user-defined interval (every 25-50 metres).

If there is anything unclear with my ideas please ask, I will explain exactly what I mean.


such options would be very useful

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Hi @mwywial, Hi @dr11,

Thank you for your feedback. I moved the thread to the PIX4Dsurvey Feature Request section. Please vote using the button at the top-left corner. Other users can vote too.

I forwarded your request to the product team for evaluation.

Meanwhile, regarding the second part of @mwywial question, it is currently possible to have profiles perpendicular to a specific polyline.


You can find additional information here:

Here is a short video of that feature using steps intervals:

Please let me know if this helps you.

Hi @mwywial and @dr11 ,

Thanks for your comments! Yes, we’re moving the direction of what you suggest. To build on what Daniel posted, you can also (as of preview 1.44) drape a line in the profile view and simplify it to best fit your point cloud.

and the simplification slider:

I hope that’s useful,

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Thanks for the answers. One more suggestion, as if pix4dsurvey generates a terrain profile report automatically (similar to what it does with volumes)?

Hi @mwywial,

PIX4Dsurvey does not generate terrain profile reports.
Can you please elaborate on what you have in mind?


I was thinking that the option to generate pdf reports from cross sections would be very useful in pix4dsurvey. The lines could be visualized on an xy grid with a preset step

Thank you for the explanation @mwywial,

I forwarded the request to the product team.
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