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Scattered Tree Data Set

Hello a pleasure to greet the community.

I am needing a data set to perform tree counting exercises, so I turn to this medium in case someone has a data set that they can provide me for those exercises.

Something similar to the attachments

thank you


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-0.41360400, 39.1700220

Hello, thank you very much, I have entered the link, but I do not see how to download that tree data, excuse my ignorance, how do I download?



You can use the coordinates to find this dataset although you can find a looot if you do a research.
When you want to download it, just press the Download button:

Hello, thank you very much, I need a data set to perform the photogrammetric process in an area of ​​scattered trees and thus obtain: MDT, MDS and Orthophoto, does anyone have a data set that you can provide me with?

Thank you