Scaled profile plots

Cross section profiles are often a needed project deliverable. A common delivery format is scaled x,z plots delivered in pdf format. Before scaled plots is possible the value of the profile tool is in practice somewhat limited, and therefore an important upgrade.

Associated to the scaled plots a number of needed features

  1. an option to plot selected or all profiles in a batch
  2. an option to choose one, two or three profile plots per A4 or A3 page.
  3. an option to plot multiple cross sections in one plot
  4. an option to edit plot information and visualisation e.g. axis titles, legend, grid lines on/of, plot scale etc
  5. option to add a stationing to each of the cross section profiles, ideally extracted automatically
  6. option to potentially add other data to the cross section plots (nice to have)

I hope you will take this feature request into consideration for development in the near future.

BR Robert

Hi @spectrofly,

Welcome to the Pix4D Community :handshake: .

I shared your feedback with the product team. Other Pix4D community can add their comment and vote in this thread. Do not forget to vote for your request at the top-left corner of the thread with the Vote button.