Scale/ grid on the profile viewer and exporting profile image



The new profile viewer is great. However, it is hindered by the lack of a scale. Is there a grid or graticule or any option in the profile viewer that will give me scale? It is not very useful professionally without one.
It would also be useful to be able to export images of the profile so it can be included in deliverables.

Hi @bkzins

Thank you for sharing with us this feature request.

Would it be possible if you could share a screenshot of the lack of scale part?
It would help us and our peers to understand more how the grid, graticule, or a scaling option you mentioned could be useful!

Thanks in advance!

Rosana (she/her)

@bkzins Hi!

We released a new preview of PIX4Dsurvey today, and we’ve got a grid now, take a look and let me know what you think! Cell sizes are described in the lower right corner.

Exporting profiles is in the roadmap, I’m thinking the direction of a PDF report with screenshots of each.

See also that we now create sections relative to a polyline and can step along the line…