Sank images

Hi everyone

I just finished processing in pix4D and noticed the final orthomosaic had zones that looked like melted plastic, and I checked the calibrated images and there are a bunch that seem to be below, I mean, they are like sank, and I also checked the vertical accuracy and it says 10 meters, which is a lot. In the screen shot I provided you can notice how an entire line of images are sank, and the weirdest thing is that them having 10 meters of vertical accuracy should be above and not below. Id apreciate if someone can help me please.

Hi Alexag1516,
Can you attach your PDF quality report to your post? We’ll take a look to see what could be going on.


Thanks for answering.
Of course, I’m attaching it in this answer
Lote_105_14-10-23_report.pdf (2.0 MB)

Let me know if you find out something that could explain the error. Thanks in advance

Hi alex,
Your project has high camera optimization. Keep all of your processing options the same but enable All Prior for the Internal Parameters Optimization.

Let us know if it helps.

Hi Mike

What does that mean? If I enable the option All Prior what would be different in the process? Will the images not “sink” anymore?

Thanks in advance