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RPLS (Registered Professional Land Surveyor) Required For Volume Calcs?

I’m starting to get into mapping and estimating volumes of stockpiles using GCP’s. When I contacted a local place about renting GPS equipment, I was informed that I would need to have a survey license to provide volume calculations for clients. Keep in mind that the man on the phone telling me this already informed me that he had his part 107 and was doing mapping in the area. He may have been trying to discourage competition but I’d like to get this confirmed by a better source. Can someone point me in the right direction for the legalities around providing volume calculation estimates without a surveying license?

In your agreement to client make clear that neither you or the data you provide “is not” certified by state or county,

Practice the full process of collecting, processing and deliverables to make sure your outputs are consistent and accurate.

I recommend not using Gopro sensors and collecting ground control.

Where are you located Caitlin? I’m guessing the states somewhere. It seems far out there that you have to be a registered professional land surveyor to calculate stockpile volumes. What if you owned an earthworks company and you were verifying end of month claims to submit for invoicing? Your not hiring anything that is Illegal. Its a data collector after all!! I think your friend is trying to put you off for other reasons.