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Regarding Doubt in Spherical Images Importing

We have imported Geotagged Spherical images but in Image properties dialogue box spherical option is not available to start process

Hi @pranneshooty,

There is no need to change anything in the Edit Camera Model editor as the Ladybug camera is already calibrated and included into or internal database. Let us know if you have other questions.


But when I importing Spherical images the output point cloud is scattered & looking bad

When we import Spherical images without geotagging there is option to import .txt, .csv, .dat format file with coordinate values to make images geotagging automatically but when I do like that there is an error can you say for example in wh![Image Properties|550x499]


Thank you for your answer. Could you help me understand where the problem is on the screenshot? In this pop-up window, you should choose the geolocation file. Additionally, could you tell me whether your images are in equirectangular format? Also, wouldn’t you mind uploading the Quality Report of your project? Thank you in advance!