Reflectance callibration for Micasense Rededge


I’m trying to process data from micasense RedEdge multi-spectral sensor. As per the guidelines, in order to calibrate each band for variation in light intensity a reflectance panel picture need to be uploaded and reflectance values need to be entered.

I have the reflectance data for the panel for number of wavelengths ( eg. 412 nm, 413 nm, 414 nm etc.) So how should I compute reflectance values for panel in each band? As each band has a number of wavelengths in it.



Center frequency for each of the bands???

Hello Gary,

By centre frequency I mean the point of maximum response by the sensor in that band.

I have albedo values at all wavelengths from 400 to 800 nm. Which value should I use for each band.?

As each band is 20 to 40 nm wide.




Dear Tabish, Gary,

The albedo value should not change very much in this range. You can enter the value that corresponds to the middle of the interval. 

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Hello all,

The values vary widely in the NIR band wich FWHM is 40 nm and the center wavelength is 840 nm. The albedo value for 840 is 0.965 and taking into account the FWHM the median is 0.9672 and the mean is 0.7324, because the albedo values becomes zero from 853 nm! So, for NIR band how to define “the middle of the interval”?




Dear all,

From a scientific point of view, what would make the most sense would be to weight the value for each wavelength according to the sensitivity of the sensor for this wavelength. 

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