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Reference Camera Changed


I configured a rig with 5 cameras, 4 of which are muti spectral. First step (calibration) appeared to complete without errors. However few odd things happened:

  1. Reference camera (RGB) was swapped by pix4D in mid-calibration to one of the multi spectral cameras
  2. The quality report showed the original reference (RGB) camera
    a) Had basically zero automatic tie points (ATPs), i.e. black raster in the bundle block adjustment details
    b) Had very few matched 2D keypoints per image (mean about 30)
    c) 2D keypoint matches map had mostly 100’s of links between adjacent images (gray shades) and not thousands (dark/black color links)
    d) But, overlap between images was very good (practically 5 images per pixel for almost all pixels)

Would appreciate any ideas.

Hi @gideon, Are you using a rig add-on? Can you let us know which camera are you using? It would be great if you can write us a personal support request. We could discuss and troubleshoot in detail. We would need your logfile, the p4d file, and pdf of the quality report.

I did open a support request. Please take a look. Tnx