Refereces for photogrammetry algorithms

Hi, this is Kijun.

I’m supposed to work with pix4D education license soon for my research after using your trial.

So, I need to know what algorithms used in your software for stereo model construction like a SIFT algorithms.

I know that you can’t disclose it to me as that is not  open source, but, I just need a reference article what you are based on to justify my research.

I’m waiting your answer.






Hello Kijun,

Pix4Dmapper is based on Structure from Motion (SFM) algorithms, but we also apply more sophisticated algorithms for all steps of processing, from the calibration and reconstruction of the model to the generation of the outputs.

As you understand, we cannot discuss the inner workings of the software. We believe you will find the information you are looking for by looking at the whitepapers we published on our support website:
Especially the following one: The Accuracy of Automatic Photogrammetric Techniques on Ultra-Light UAV Imagery.

Hope you will find the information you are looking for.


Antigonh, the link is broken, can you update the link please?


Hello Jojo,

Apologies for the inconvenience. We have made some changes in our website.

You can find all papers here.