Project Organization

The metadata related to project (clients, farms, fields) is hierarchical so I’m surprised there is no way to view projects within that structure. I was expecting to see a tree viewer of some kind so I can drill down into a client and see all their farms and then drill down into a farm and see all its fields and then again to see all the drone runs on that field.

The flat display you currently have, where I can display all projects by client or by farm, breaks the hierarchy.

This is somewhat related to the “Search Projects and Organize Projects” topic from March of '18.

Hi garth1,

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Thank you for this suggestion. You have a vote that you can apply to this as well. :+1:


Hi garth1,

Great suggestion, and I understand very well why it would be an excellent addition to the product.
Currently, our focus is on building the necessary tools to make it a powerful solution for agricultural use cases, and we are not done with that. Once I am happy on that front, we will take on problems like your suggestion!