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processing the 180°, stereoscopic images produced by a VR180 device

I was wondering whether it is possible to process the images produced by a VR180 device like the LuciCam for example.

I have tried with a number of separated 180° stereoscopic 2000 * 2000 images without much succes so far.

Any comment?


an answer would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Philippe, 

Due to the common distortion issue of spherical camera lenses, custom settings in processing normally performs better than default processing.
According to the image overlap of your project, you may use corresponding parameters:

If you find insufficient ATPs displayed in rayCloud after initial processing, you may also choose to increase minimum matches for the 2nd step: However, you may also find more noise. For specific settings in Pix4Dmapper, please feel free to send us a sample project.

Best Regards,