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Processing a project repeatedly (without resetting GCP's)

Is it be possible to create a project with GCP’s set once that can be reused daily/weekly/monthly without resetting the GCP’s every time?


Yes, it is possible to measure the position of ground control points (GCPs) on a site and reuse the measurements for other projects covering the same area (or a portion of it).
However, note that you should always be able to identify the location of the GCP measurements in the captured images, for each project. As a consequence, you will either need to fix GCP targets so that they never move and cannot be moved, or use natural features of the environment.

I hope this helps and let me know if you have any further questions about this topic.


Hi Rhea,

Thank you for your response. The information you have provided is of great value to us.
Once we have the mission loaded in Pix4Dcapture, we can just fly the mission repeatedly, correct?

We are looking at using UAV’s to do stockpile surveys and open pit surveys.
My previous experience with UAV’s (and Pix4D) was without GCP’s that is why I am unsure with the procedures and functionality.


Hello @brian_k_1987, You can fly the mission repeatedly, once it is created on the Pix4Dcapture app.

Hi Kapil,

If we had a “project” in Pix4Dmapper that was processed using GCP’s and we flew the same mission again, would we need to coordinate to the GCP’s again?

We are trying to find a way to do our GCP setup once, but not every time (in order to be more efficient, if this is possible).



There are two things to understand. First, capturing the images, if you have a permanent GCP marker in the field. You don’t have to record the GCPs coordinate every time you fly. You can use the same GCPs coordinate for all of your projects.

Second, processing the images. While process the captured images using Pix4Dmapper software for the same field, you have to insert GCPs coordinates and mark the images using the rayCloud to use the GCPs.

The only thing that is different if you are flying the project repeatedly is that you don’t have to record the GCPs coordinates for your all project if you have a permanent marker on the field.

For more information about the GCPs, I would also suggest you to go through our support article on Using GCPs,.

Thank you Kapil.
Permanent GCP’s is not an option at our site due a variety of reasons.

I do appreciate your response to my question.