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Point Cloud Density


Just a quick question, does the amount of vegetation affect the density of the point cloud in general?



Hi Vivek, The amount of vegetation will certainly effect the density of point cloud. This is because Pix4D extracts automatic tie points (matched keypoints/features) and then this sparse point cloud is densified. This will explain more:

Right okay I see. So in general would vegetation decrease point cloud density for the project? I do understand that processing options (such as image scale) will indeed influence the density, but I was wondering how the influence of vegetation will be on the model in general.

A lot of people do vegetation mapping with Pix4D. In vegetation, it is difficult to extract keypoints in general and that effects the dense point cloud as well (there might be holes in those areas). But if the flight plan is okay (higher flight height, good overlap), then it shoudl not be an issue. However, you can compare point cloud density/volume of similar objects (such as compare volume of trees with each other) but not of a tree and a building. Due to the texture and hetrogenerity of the building, the point cloud density of the building will be more than that of the tree. Let me know if I correctly understood your question.