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Pix4Dmatic how to work with orthometric values instead of a Geoid vertical reference

I am working in a project where all my GCP are in orthometric heights.

How can I setup in Pix4dmatic with the correct)
Geoid for this? I am running With horizontal reference Sirgas 2000 utm zone 24s.

Hi @pedro.oceanografia,

Before selecting the Geoid it is necessary to select the correct Vertical coordinate reference system. Only geoids corresponding to a certain vertical coordinate reference system are listed in the Geoid drop-down menu.

For local geoids that are not included in the Pix4Dmatic database, it is possible to specify the Geoid height value to convert between ellipsoidal and orthometric heights.

More in the How to work with Geoids in Pix4Dmatic article.

Could you give me more information about the orthometric height that you use? Which Geoid are you using?

Here you can find the current List of supported geoids in Pix4Dmatic.


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