Geoid Height in pix4DMapper vs. Selecting the geoid in pix4Dsurvey

Until recently the orthometric height obtained in Survey came from Mapper where it was defined under project initialization (geoid height above ellipsoid). Thus I believed that the LAS-file in …2_densification\point_cloud held points with orthometric height.

In the latest version of Survey the user have got the option to choose between “Ellipsoidal height over the WGS 84 ellipsoid” and “Vertical coordinate reference system” and a corresponding geoid.

This indicates that LAS-file always holds points with ellipsoidal height. Is that correct ?

One remark or note on a possible error:

Altough you input a geoid height above ellipsoid in pix4DMapper before processing AND you accept Ellipsoidal height over the WGS 84 ellipsoid as vertical coordinate referance system in pix4DSurvey, you WILL see orthometric Height at the bottom of the screen.