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Pix4Dmapper Computer Requirements


I am using a PC with an AMD Phantom™ II X6 1045T Processor and an AMD 760G graphics card. I am having trouble finding a straightforward answer on whether or not this system will work with the Pix4Dmapper desktop application. I read through the system requirements but they are all referencing Intel technology and I do not know the comparison between Intel and AMD systems. I would prefer not to buy another computer so if my system will not work with the program is there any alternative way to run Pix4Dmapper successfully? 

Thank you,


Hi Brittney,

It is tough to give you a straightforward answer. Performance of the processing depends on many different factors and only once tested, we could give you an honest answer. I highly recommend you reading our article Hardware and Pix4D first. You’ll learn a lot about all the factors. Also, you find a link to a tool with which you will be able to compare base processing speed between similar builds and components.