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I am using a PC with an AMD Phantom™ II X6 1045T Processor and an AMD 760G graphics card. I am having trouble finding a straightforward answer on whether or not this system will work with the Pix4Dmapper desktop application. I read through the system requirements but they are all referencing Intel technology and I do not know the comparison between Intel and AMD systems. I would prefer not to buy another computer so if my system will not work with the program is there any alternative way to run Pix4Dmapper successfully? 

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Hi Brittney,

It is tough to give you a straightforward answer. Performance of the processing depends on many different factors and only once tested, we could give you an honest answer. I highly recommend you reading our article Hardware and Pix4D first. You’ll learn a lot about all the factors. Also, you find a link to a tool with which you will be able to compare base processing speed between similar builds and components. 


Hi there dear Pix4D team:

I was looking at your recommended system requirements and was wondering if…

Is there a better GPU card than the Geforce GTX 2080 ti for processing? Have you made a study where you determined which is the GPU card that show the BEST results? Does the Information provided here https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/202557289-System-requirements-Minimum-and-recommended-computer-specifications its updated?

Or the best one so far is the Geforce GTX 2080 ti?

and last, I am planning to look for a 128 GB RAM laptop should I keep looking for one with that amount of RAM or should I look one with 64GB that could be more than enough ? Example: For processing 2500 photos.

Thanks for your reply!

Im looking for the BEST system requirements.

Hi there. The 2080 ti is the best we have currently tested. It may be that the 30 series RTX cards perform better and there is a good chance they may (and be cheaper in some cases) but we have not been able to test them thoroughly up to now so we cannot be sure how they perform.

In regards to your question about how much RAM to process there are several factors that are discussed in the article below. It’s not strictly a function of how many images. In general though if you are processing 2500 image projects I would say at least 64 if not 128 to be safe.

Hardware and Pix4D – Support

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Thank you for your kindly response Holden.

I will be buying a RTx 3060 and I will let you guys know how it performs! Thanks once again.

That would be great! Happy Mapping.

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Just one more thing, Holden.

Is there a way we can export the 3D Point clouds or the orthomsaic measurements (areas, distances and volumes) together?

For example: Make the models, make the annotations and export them all together?

For general inquiries its best to submit either a support request or find an appropriate post for commenting on to keep topics relevant. These data cannot be exported to a single output file directly from Pix4Dmapper.

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Read this article from Puget Systems. This, and their other Pix4D articles, will give you all the information needed on Pix4DMapper hardware recommendations.