PIX4Dcapture Pro - support for DJI M350/300 with DJI RC Plus

In the article https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/8946194392861-How-to-install-the-app-on-Remote-Controllers-with-ScreensAPK-PIX4Dcapture-Pro are mention instalation for DJI RC Pro Enterprice controller. Is this version of PIX4Dcapture Pro compatible with DJI RC Plus that is standard for DJI M350? If not are you planning to release version of PIX4caoture pro fo DJI RC Plus?

Hi @michal.severa,

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The DJI M300 RTK with a P1 camera is a supported drone for PIX4Dcapture Pro. You can find a complete list here:

With this drone, please use the Default DJI Smart Controller Enterprise controller. PIX4Dcapture Pro can be installed on an external iOS or Android mobile device (phone or tablet) mounted over the Smart Controller Enterprise (screen mounting bracket and appropriate USB cable required) or on the DJI Smart Controller Enterprise built-in screen (More info here: How to install the App on Remote Controllers with screens? (APK) - PIX4Dcapture Pro).

Also note that to use PIX4Dcapture Pro with a M300 RTK drone, you need to have at least a valid license for any Pix4D product.


I was asking about DJI M350, in the PIX4Dcapture pro is mentioned only DJI M300. I should I understand it that M300 setting is also valid for M350?

Hi @michal.severa,

No, the DJI M350 is not supported. Only the DJI M300 with DJI Zenmuse P1 camera.